The misunderstanding of cleaning the fuel injector and when to clean it

Misunderstandings about cleaning the fuel injector and when to clean it. When the fuel injection nozzle is blocked, the fuel injection is not smooth, or there are carbon deposits and glue in the gap of the fuel injection nozzle, and the designed fuel injection volume or atomization effect cannot be achieved, it needs to be cleaned. But cleaning the fuel injection nozzle is not washing The more often, the better, or how many kilometers and how long must be cleaned.

In fact, the EFI cars that I have come into contact with, really need to be cleaned very little. One is that the fuel is filtered by the dense mesh of the gasoline pump, and then filtered by the fuel filter. The gasoline flowing through the injector, the size of the impurity particles and The gap between the fuel injectors is not an order of magnitude, rest assured, it can’t be blocked. Another, the glue contained in gasoline, when passing through the gap, it is sprayed at high speed by gasoline, which is difficult to store, the so-called water droplets and stones. Not to mention countless times a day The strong beating of the needle valve and the contact surface, what is the glue here? Another, most models use the out-of-cylinder injection method, and the temperature here is not high, which is several times better than the working environment of the spark plug. To be honest, it is difficult to come up with a point of failure. The position that really easily affects the atomization should be the outer surface of the fuel injection nozzle. A car that burns well can easily cause recoil and pollute this position. This is also divided into two Yes, a car that burns well will not recoil, a car that burns badly, even if it is cleaned, it will be polluted after running for a few kilometers, and it will be useless if it is washed. For example, a good burning The car, no matter when the spark plug is turned on, it is clean; a car that burns badly, even if you change a new spark plug, you take it down after 5 minutes, it is still black, all carbon deposits. Cleaning agents are things that contain stupid or benzene aromatic hydrocarbons. When added to the engine to burn, they can melt part of the carbon deposits. The cheapest cleaning agent is a carburetor cleaning agent, which can also be added to burn, 4 yuan per Bottles, of course, there are better brands, but the price is never as high as the hype.

In fact, the normal combustion of the engine is also a process of continuously producing carbon deposits and continuously ablating the carbon deposits. It is a relatively conservative process. There is no carbon deposits at all. Some friends exhaust when they see the carbon deposits being cleaned. The black water flowing out of the pipe always feels good psychologically. In fact, 90% of the black water is not the carbon deposits inside the engine. What’s more, after washing and drying, the gasoline will continue to produce a certain amount of carbon deposits until it is in equilibrium. . Not meaningful. On the other hand, the combustion temperature in the benzene aromatic hydrocarbon cylinder is much higher than that of gasoline. It’s not good for the car to go to the sauna if it’s okay. So don’t wash it as a last resort, don’t take cleaning the injector Part of the routine maintenance of vehicles.

It is not necessary to clean the fuel injector as part of the routine maintenance of the vehicle. The quality of gasoline is now greatly improved compared with the past, and the gasoline filter has filtered out all solid impurities. Except for special reasons, fuel injection The mouth can work normally for more than 60,000 kilometers without cleaning. Too frequent cleaning of the fuel injector will affect the airtightness of the cone raft and accelerate its damage process, which will increase fuel consumption. Any cleaning agent is corrosive. It dissolves impurities and also affects the needle of the fuel injector. Valves and valve seats cause corrosion. Nowadays, high-tech engines no longer use single-hole or double-hole nozzles. Instead, multiple nozzle holes are used. The degree of precision can be imagined. If you frequently use corrosive cleaning agents , The nozzle holes will be washed and bigger, and the amount of fuel injection cannot be precisely controlled. Another major hazard of cleaning agents is that some of its components may damage the catalytic converter. The maintenance focus of EFI vehicles is still on the throttle. There is a lot of putty. Buy a bottle of better carburetor cleaner, remove the air filter, pull the fire, and constantly change the throttle size, and spray into the inlet pipe. This will not only clean the knots. The valve can also clean the sensor hot wire of the air flow meter. Do not disassemble and clean the throttle valve. This place is the same as the carburetor. The closing and opening of the door is a process of constant wear and tear. Even if it is worn, the two worn surfaces are still compatible. It is very tight, and it will change position if it is not installed properly after disassembly, but it will not be closed tightly.

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